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Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper

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The Clever Dripper could just be your new favourite brewer! It offers all the ease of use of a french press without the grittiness or the cleanup thanks to the paper filter. The valve on the bottom of the brewer only opens when placed on top of a mug meaning that you can brew either as an immersion brew, or if you place it on top of a mug you can brew it just like you would a regular coffee filter.

I find that my favourite way to use it is as follows:

  1. Rinse the filter paper and discard rinsing water,

  2. Add 20g of coffee into the brewer,

  3. Pour over 330g of water just off the boil (95 degrees if you have a fancy kettle),

  4. Stir twice with a teaspoon and put on the lid to steep for 2 minutes,

  5. remove the lid, stir once in each direction and place on a cup to drain through.

This method works for most mugs but you can change the quantities to suit whatever you are brewing into. I use this recipe with a 12Oz KeepCup! My advice is to brew on a kitchen scale and to never put in more water than can fit in your cup.

These were shipped to us without filter papers but we have put 10 in the pack so you can brew straight away, my favourite papers to use are the white Filtropa size 4 papers.

Remember we include delivery in all our pricing.

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