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Untitled Blend

Untitled Blend

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Our one and only blend! When I started Hillside Coffee back in 2020 I was very out of love with blends, I felt like they were all pretty boring and they mostly tasted the same. 
Now almost two years down the line and after ALOT of experimenting I’m bringing out an espresso blend that I’m actually happy with!

The Taste:

When as espresso, you can expect a complex coffee with a fruity cherry flavour to start off that melts into allspice with a rich molasses sweetness. When you add milk you can expect a rich chocolate taste with dried fruits and spices hiding in the background.

The Coffees:

The current iteration of the blend is half each of these gorgeous coffees:

  1. Finca La Estrella, Colombia, Washed

  2. San Antonio, Nicaragua, Anaerobic Natural


Finca La Estrella
This coffee was sourced from Volcano Select and produced by Bernardo Echeverry. Situated on the eastern slopes of the Cordillera Occidental, Santuario is a municipality in Risaralda. With a strong history in coffee cultivation, Santuario holds an important recognition, the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, and has been declared Unesco’s World Heritage for being an exceptional example of a cultural, sustainable and productive landscape – a historical milestone for the country

Cultural Landscape rewards the tremendous human adaptation to difficult geographical conditions and the efforts of coffee farmers over generations to obtain a decent source of income for their families. Since the end of the 18th century, through their adaptation and efforts, coffee grower families have shaped the landscape in which natural, economic and cultural elements are combined and which is unique in the world. Through their work, coffee eventually became the main development driver of the area.

Bernardo Echeverry is part of the 3rd generation of a coffee producing family. His grandparents initially bought a small farm in Santuario, Risaralda in the 1950s and started a long-term family project. Like many others, the family went through years of solvency and years of crisis. But they understood from the very beginning that any successful farm had to focus on productivity, strict quality standards and especially a rigorous cost-efficient structure.

San Antonio
This coffee was sourced from Volcano Select and produced by Maria Felicitas Mairena. The farm in San Antonio was declared a private wildlife reserve in 2001 and is part of the Central American Biological Corridor, managed by the owners to help conserve natural resources. Farms that are private wildlife reserves are managed according to standards of good agricultural and ecological practices. San Antonio was the largest organic production farm in Nicaragua from 2001 to 2009. Organic production was discontinued because the organic market did not offer adequate compensation for the high costs of organic production. 45 % of the farm's land is forest reserve, located in El Arenal Natural Park, one of the few Nebliselva forest reserves in Nicaragua. This area of the Misty Mountains is the source of several water springs that are protected and supply the community of Las Escaleras in Yasica Norte with drinking water. Water production in the mountain area of the farms is abundant and feeds the catchment area of the Yasica River. 

The farm's forest area is an important habitat and refuge for the flora and fauna of the region. Animals sighted include black panthers, jaguars, deer, sajinos, coatis, guatusas and birds such as the bellbird, quetzal and goldfinch. The presence and importance of fauna in the farms is reflected in the San Antonio logo, the endangered bellbird. 

In San Antonio, a small school was built for young children from both farms who have not yet entered the primary school, which has been used for adult education and as a recreation area. 


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