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Burundi - Murambi Hill Women’s Lot

Burundi - Murambi Hill Women’s Lot

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A delicious coffee from our friends over at Omwani! This red bourbon is produced by a collective of female producers across the Murambi region of Burundi. This is a clean and juicy coffee with notes of red apple, caramel and red fruits. All with the added bonus of supporting female producers!

For more information on the coffee, have a look at what Raw Material have to say: 
"After our visit to Burundi in 2022, Migoti’s station manager, Zephryn, explained to the people of Murambi that we are looking for coffee traceable to the farm level of female only lots. We agreed to pay a bonus of 50 cts / kg on top of the usual price to incentivise these women to come forward, and also to feel empowered, as this would be their own coffee to sell and take to the washing station."

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