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Mexico - Chanjul Estate

Mexico - Chanjul Estate

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This wonderful natural coffee is bursting with sweetness and will make the perfect filter. We get tasting notes of wildflower honey and peach. Produced by Teddy Esteve’s Chanjul Estate in Soconusco, Mexico.

Teddy believes in sustainable production by investing in infrastructure for the benefit of farm workers (free schooling for children, canteen, relaxation).

All coffee cherries are hand-harvested and sorted for the ripest cherries to achieve the highest concentration of sugars in the cherry. At the farm’s mill, the cherries are cleaned and floated in freshwater to remove any floaters.

During the drying process, thermometers control the ambient temperatures and relative humidity around 16-24°C. After 8-10 days, when the moisture reaches below 12%, the coffee is prepared to be sent to the other end of Mexico to Veracruz for export. 

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