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Mexico - Sierra Sur Decaf

Mexico - Sierra Sur Decaf

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Another banging decaf from our friends at Raw Material coffee! This is a mix of Typica, Mundo Novo and Bourbon decaffeinated using the mountain water process. We find this coffee is clean tasting and sweet with flavours of date, milk chocolate and honey. Sold as 250g bags. If you liked the Sierra Mazateca decaf we did last year, you'll love this!

For more information on the coffee, have a look at what Raw Material have to say:
"Coffee from the Sierra Sur is transported to the Mountain Water decaf facility in Veracruz, north east of the coffee producing regions we work with. For the processing, the station uses mineral water from Mexico’s highest peak, the Pico de Orizaba, or Citlaltépetl, which sits at 5,636 MASL. The process is chemical-free, immersing the green beans in a high pressure filtration system which gradually removes the caffeine. Once complete, the beans are re-dried and packed for export."

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