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Yemen - Wadi Al Sana Collective

Yemen - Wadi Al Sana Collective

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This one's extra juicy, we all get different tasting notes from this one, but I'm the one writing this so lets go with Honeysuckle, Allspice and Pineapple. This is an anaerobic natural from the Wadi Al Sana Collective in the Ibb region of Yemen. Available only as 200g bags.

Producers in Wadi Al Sana principally grow coffee as a cash crop to complement their sustenance
farming. Primarily growing the variety named locally as Udani, the harvest season in Al Sana begins
in October and continues to January, where temperatures fluctuate from between 30oC to 11oC. The
valley’s microclimate is known for year-round rainfall, with a humid and cool climate in summer and
autumn and much colder winters.

Once picked and purchased, the cherries are transported to one of Sheba’s regional processing hubs. The cherries are next placed into baths of cool, clean water, cleaning and sorting the quality cherries from any floaters or debris.
For this lot, the coffee was processed using Sheba’s Anaerobic fermentation method. Once the beans have been cleaned, the cherries are placed onto raised beds for 5-6 days to be partially dried:
removing any excess liquid to stop the formation of mould during fermentation. Next, the cherries
are placed into bags free from oxygen and left to ferment for a further 3-4 days, depending on the ph. 
After fermentation, the cherries are returned to the beds to complete the drying process. Here, the
cherries are turned daily, making sure they are dried evenly. Once a moisture level of between 11-12% is recorded, the beans are removed from their beds and placed into airtight bags, helping protect them from oxidization or contamination from foreign matter or air pollution.

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